Sárvár Vadkert Major Cross Country Race


2023. 04. 02.08:00


Sárvár, Vadkert boulevard 2

Details of the run
VIII Sárvár Vadkert Major Cross Country Half Marathon
Date: 02 April 2023, Sunday
Sárvár Kinizsi Sports Club
Káldi Nature and Orienteering Running Sports Association

Sárvár Vadkert Major, Sárvár Vadkert krt.2.
GPS coordinates: 47.243986492, 16.9457137585
Main sponsor:
Sárvár Vadkert Major
The aim of the competition:
To promote a healthy lifestyle, to promote the sport of cross-country running, to provide a competition opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike.
Competition programme:
08.00-10.00 Registration and on-site registration
10.30-11.00 Warm-up and preparation
11:00 Mass start
13:30 Announcement of results
Race numbers:
21 km /4 laps
Women: -18, 19-39, 40-54, 55+
Men: -18, 19-39, 40-54, 55+
Start: 11:00 Pre-registration: 6000 Ft/person,
Late and on-site: 8000 HUF/person
10 km /2 terrain laps
Women: -18, 19-39, 40-54, 55+
Men: -18, 19-39, 40-54, 55+
Start: 11:00 Pre-registration: 6000 Ft/person,
Late and on-site: 8000 HUF/person
5 km /1 field circuit
Women: -18, 19-39, 40-54, 55+
Men: -18, 19-39, 40-54, 55+
Start: 11:00 Pre-registration: 5000 Ft/person
Late and on-site: 7000 Ft/person
Deadline for pre-registration: 20.03.2023, after that it will be considered as on-site registration!
Race route:
1 lap, i.e. 5 km distance (with 3 measuring points):
Vadkert Major – Rába dam – Hiking forest – Vadkert boulevard – Boating lake Vadkert Major.
Varied, mostly gravel forest roads with little asphalt and negligible differences in level.
The trails are ribboned throughout with signposts with checkpoints placed and operated. It is forbidden to deviate from the marked route!
The entry system is available at http://versport.hu/index.php/nevezesek.
The entry system will send you a confirmation after filling in the form and will automatically add you to the entry list, which you can check immediately!
The pre-registration will be valid only if your entry fee is received by the deadline (The pre-registration deadline is 20.03.2023) to our account number 72700291-30168648-00000000. Otherwise, an automatic on-site entry fee will be charged.
When transferring the money, please fill in the following details in the “Notice” field: the entry code of the competitor, the name of the starter and the race number (5 km, 10 km, 21 km – individual, relay).
Cancellations will be accepted until 20.03.2023, at which time 70% of the amount paid will be refunded, or the entry can be transferred until the pre-registration deadline!
Entry fee content:
– The organisation and running of the competition, course marking
– Provision of the course
– The course organisation, the course number, the race start and the course fee.
– Timekeeping
– Refreshments at the refreshment points and at the finish
– Shower and changing facilities
– Individual finish medal
– Discounted 50% entry to the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Baths
Competition rules:
Conditions of participation in the event:
Participants declare that they are in a fit physical condition to participate in the event and are not suffering from any illness that prevents them from completing the event.
Participation in the event is entirely at their own risk, and the organizing association, the persons/organizations contracted by the organizing and stewards, and the owners or managers of the areas affected by the event area/route are not responsible or liable in any way for any injury or property damage that occurs before/ during/ after the event.
When collecting the starting kit and after entering the event, everyone is required to sign the Declaration of Liability!
Participants declare that they are familiar with the rules of the Highway Code and that they consider themselves bound by them during the event.
The number plate must be worn visibly at all times during the event!
Checkpoints will be placed along the course route!
Photo, moving image:
Participants accept that they may be included in the film and image material of the event and its use for advertising purposes, and will not be compensated for this.
Vis maior:
I agree that due to unforeseeable external causes (weather, blockade, strike) that cannot be planned and are considered extreme, the organizer/director may postpone or cancel the event.
In case of postponement, the organiser will inform the participants in due time by e-mail and on the event website. In this case, a new date will be set for which pre-registrations will be valid. In the event of such a Vis Maior, no refund of entry fees will be possible.
The Organisers reserve the right to exclude from the event any participant who does not behave in accordance with the spirit of the competition (e.g. obscene language, disrespectful, indecent behaviour, disrespectful behaviour towards the organisers/organizers).
Competition office, registration:
Keeping open:
Sunday, 02 April: 08:00 – 10:00 at the race centre, after that we will not be able to accept any applications!
Pre-registration 5,10,21 km and on-site registration can be done at a separate table.

The race will be timed using the SPORTIDENT electronic touchless scoring system. The Siac Air+ plug will be included in the entry fee at a discount in the race categories, in case of loss of the plug a surcharge of 30 000 HUF will be payable.
Medals and prizes will be awarded to the winners of categories 1-3.
All finishers will receive a medal (to be distributed to local entrants at a later date).
Every 5 minutes or so, water, glucose, neap, ropi, chocolate, cola, bananas.
Individual refreshments can be dropped off during the registration process!
We ask that everyone please take home your own trash (food scraps, packaging, bottles, etc.)! Please make sure you bring your own rubbish (please don’t bring your own rubbish). Thank you!
In case of emergency, the organizing committee can be contacted on mobile 70/9466019.
Commercial activities in the race are only possible with the permission of the organizers.
Changing rooms will be provided for competitors, but no responsibility will be taken for items left there,
Please take care of the cleanliness and tidiness of the competition centre and the competition area.

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