Sihu, the sightseeing train

Sihu, the sightseeing train is a special traffic vehicle for tourists which meets the European demands and is a tourist attraction itself too.

The train has 2 wagons suitable for the transportation of 56 people. The wagons follow the engine’s track enabling the train to run safely in the crowd or even on narrow streets. It takes 50 minutes for the train to make its 13 km long way. The route was established by taking the easy accessibility of the tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and guesthouses into consideration. The custom-made train ensures uninterrupted relaxation and an unforgettable experience. 


Groups with their own guides can use the vehicle’s audio-guide system.

In case of special orders, we form the prices depending on the duration of the event, the distance of the location, taking the customer’s demands into consideration.

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Making the whole route takes 1 hour. The stations were formed so that you can reach the most important tourist attractions easily. The time schedules are subject to change due to traffic jams.

We inform you about cancellations due to weather conditions or events in town on our Facebook- and website.