Sárvár Oratory Choir concert 2023


2023. 11. 25.


Sárvár Aréna

The Sárvár Oratory Choir will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023. On this occasion, an all-night jubilee concert entitled „Neked írom a dalt” („I write the song for you”) is being organized. The songs and musical scenes from the repertoire of the artistic ensemble will be performed at the concert, which the leader of the choir, dr. Ferencné Szalai arranged the music, or wrote the melody and lyrics. Among others, compositions by Marty Haugen, Elton John, John Rutter, Michael Jackson, The Queen, John Denver will be performed in Hungarian.

In addition to the 55-member adult choir, the group’s soloists, dance choir and 20-member children’s choir contribute.

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