Szombathely, the most ancient town in Hungary, was founded by Kaiser Claudius 2000 years ago. Szombathely has rich historical culture, religious heritage and natural resources.

Famous sights include: Main square, Cathedral, Iseum Savariense Centre Of Research and Archeological Collection, Ruin Garden István Járdány Paulovics, Kámon Arboretum of the Forest Research Institute.

Main square: The Main Square of the town had already a special shape of a triangle in the 13th century but that was outside of the town walls. Today the Main Square is the intellectual and cultural centre of Szombathely and a popular meeting-point for everyone.

Cathedral: Hungary’s third largest church, major work of Menyhért Hefele, was built by Bishop János Szily on Roman ruins, in the place of the demolished castle church and palace.

Iseum Savariense Centre Of Research and Archeological Collection: The Iseum Savariense is the most important architectural antique monument in Szombathely. There is a permanent exhibition called “The Home of the Goddess Isis in Savary” and also festivals are taking place az the Iseum.

Ruin Garden István Járdány Paulovics: The Ruin Garden presents the greatest contiguous part of the ruins to the visitors of the ancient Savaria: the imperial palace, the public baths, the customs house, the sanctuary of Mercurius and workshops, kilns of the potters, remain of the Roman routes, mosaic fragments and the castle.

Kámon Arboretum of the Forest Research Institute: The Kámoni Arboretum is situated on 27 acres of natural beauty, which is the most selective beautiful garden in Pannonia (Hungary). The visitors can enjoy the evergreen shrubs and pine trees, the colorful rhododendrons, bay trees, Japanese maple trees, and 120-years-old giant trees. There is a 5 km long walk, where you can enjoy the scenery of small lakes and natural beauty, also you can take a rest and have a picnic with comfortable wooden tables and benches along the way. There are several kinds of programmes organised in Szombathely.

Saint George’s Fair (April): The Saint George Fair is organised in the Village Museum of County Vas every year.

Flower Route in Herény (April): On one weekend in spring special tribute is paid to the beauty of the flowers, this time opens the Flower Route in the streets of Herény.

Dragonboat Festival of Szombathely (June): The „Dragon Boat Festival” takes place in the centre of Szombathely, at the Lake. Dozens of boats are having a race every June. There are 22 people in each crew, who try to prove who is the best. It is worthwhile to come to Szombathely at this time, as it is colourful and enjoyable event.

Iseum Open Air Plays (July, August): The 2000 years old Isis Sanctum gives home for the Iseum Open Air Plays in Szombathely. The Iseum has a very incomparable atmosphere, which gives the Open Air Plays a high standard.

Savaria Historical Carnival (August): The rich history gave the idea to present the most significant historical scenes in a form of a high-standard festival by using authentic customs and sceneries. During the festival different kinds of programmes are offered to visitors in various locations in the town centre.

Saint Martin’s Festival (November): Saint Martin’s cult becoming stronger and stronger in the town, religious commemorations, lantern-processions, dancing-evenings, concerts, exhibitions and lectures are organized. The restaurants attract the gourmand with gastronomy events and with special meals made of goose. On the first weekend of November, Saint Martin’s Week begins with the fair on Saint Martin’s Day.

Advent Market (December): The four-week-program of the event “Advent in Szombathely” takes place on the Main Square of Szombathely, where visitors can attend the candle lighting ceremony and the relating religious rituals as well. The advent market offers a real fairytale atmosphere for the purchasing of Christmas gifts.